Vision TherapyWhat is vision therapy? It is a specialized area of Optometry devoted to the development of the eyes. It is for both children and adults, and it focuses on specific areas of eyes that may not have developed properly, or have been damaged due to health issues.

Things like focusing difficulty, eye alignment problems, eye muscle control, eye-hand coordination, sensory perception, and oculomotor skills are all areas that can use some work from time to time. It can cure double vision, eliminate eye strain from reading, improve “lazy eye” or Amblyopia, and eliminate poor eye-hand coordination. Any child that dislikes reading, which may be causing poor grades, or those who cannot succeed in athletics due to poor tracking, or hand-eye coordination, may have a problem with their visual system.

With vision therapy, it is possible to strengthen the eyes, and eliminate the deficiency. It can also help enhance your eye muscle control, perception and reaction time in athletics, essentially training your eyes to become athletes and perform better than average.

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