PediatricsAt Optical Solutions we are lucky to have two Optometrists with advanced training in Pediatric eye care, and vision therapy. If your child needs glasses, we have one of the largest selection of children’s frames in the area. After all, we all want our children to have the best chance to succeed in school and in life. Our doctors at optical Solutions do vision screenings in all the local schools to try to catch visual problems early in childhood. Many kids don’t even realize they may have a problem with their vision until we see them in our screenings. If they don’t realize it, how would a parent even know?

Most parents’ first question is “at what age should my child have an eye exam?” Optical Solutions is a proud sponsor of InfantSee, a program to provide children under the age of 18 months a free visual screening. The American Optometric Association and Public Health experts recommend having an infant screened during their first year of life. Most doctors agree to children having a comprehensive eye exam by the age of 6, or before starting 1st grade. If a parent notices an eye turn or any other signs, catching problems early is a key to providing a good life-long vision. Unfortunately, screenings only identify 5% of visual problems. We recommend bringing your child in by the age of 6, unless you notice any problems with their vision before.

Let our doctors help your kid succeed! Bring them in for an eye exam. You’ll be glad you did!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (843) 681-6682 (Hospital Center Commons), (843) 785-8008 (Shelter Cove) or (843) 706-0607 (Bluffton).