Here at Optical Solutions, we are able to adjust your eyeglasses and repair them when necessary, often same-day.

Because we all have different-shaped faces, most frames require small adjustments to fit an individual comfortably. These adjustments are minor, can be performed quickly, and will allow you to better enjoy your eyeware.

Eye glasses can be a costly investment and we are here to help you repair the ones you have, if it is possible to avoid purchasing a whole new set. Whether your glasses are damaged by an accident or through simple wear-and-tear, you have options. Common complaints include loose screws, missing nose pads, and bent frames.

Minor damage can be repaired. In terms of scratched lenses, light damage is expected over the life of your glasses. If the damage is great or the scratches to your lenses are deep of vision-impairing, we may make a recommendation for a new pair of glasses. Our lenses come with a year warranty: If, during the first year, your lenses become scratched due to normal wear and tear we will replace them one time, at no charge.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (843) 681-6682 (Hospital Center Commons), (843) 785-8008 (Shelter Cove) or (843) 706-0607 (Bluffton).